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To Call or Email

To Call or Email

When it comes to answering the is it better to call or email question, there are several sides to the call or email efficiency story…

Most of Entrepreneur’s Triggers for Phone Calls:

  1. When the matter needs to be resolved quickly.
  2. When you need the other person to “buy into” your way of thinking.
  3. When the matter is complex.
  4. When a personal connection potentially makes a difference.
  5. When you want to hear the other person’s voice.

Several of Forbes’ Reasons to Plead for No More Phone Calls:

  1. You can’t go back and review phone calls later.
  2. They kill productivity and workflow.
  3. They necessitate small talk, the biggest time waster known to man.

Cyrus Stoller’s Request to Stop Sending Emails for Real-Time Requests and Rules for Determining Call/Text/Email:

We’re in an unfortunate equilibrium where it’s not uncommon for people to expect under one hour response times to emails. In my view, emails should not be used to communicate information that requires immediate action. Most people I interact with have smartphones; we should agree to use different channels of communication to convey purpose. We’re no longer restricted to just phone calls and email.

If I had my way this is how I would have people communicate their requests.

to call or email

We concur with these time management thought leaders: sometimes email is more efficient; other times phone calls are more effective, yet in several situations a personal visit or text or instant message is a better communication vehicle. So where then is the advice in this column?!

Let moderation be your guide.

If you’ve spent the morning on the phone, draft an email. If you’ve not spoken a word yet today, pick up the phone. When you suspect you’re using one method to avoid, then chose another.

What say ye?

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