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Time Management Trainings

Time Management Trainings

Time Management Trainings

We are excited to recommend three upcoming time management trainings you can attend from your office for a small time investment and for little to no money. The time management courses/seminars on how to improve your time management are detailed below.

How to Make Change That Lasts

Hosted by The Energy Project | Presented by Tony Schwartz | $42.14 | 2 hours–1 hour for 2 dates

Join this 2-part time management webinar to receive a downloadable workbook with worksheets to guide you along your behavior change journey.  Additionally, participants will take The Energy Audit, a 20-question diagnostic that highlights energy management blindspots, to aid your creation of a custom behavior change plan.


  • How to increase the quality of your energy to ensure success in your behavior changes
  • The foundational steps you’ll need to take to make a change that lasts
  • How to be more aware of your energy through the day
  • To create a step-by-step plan for making change that lasts

time management trainings change that lasts

ROI: Attaining Business Productivity Through Search

Hosted by X1 | Presented by Dante DeWitt and our own Sue Becker| $0 | 1 hour

Join this complimentary time management webinar to see how to make the business case for business productivity search and how to mix process and technology to remain productive.


  • How search produces value by putting the end-user search experience first
  • Why personal memory recall is the best analytical engine for search
  • How to best deploy business productivity search solutions in all IT infrastructures
  • How to achieve ROI on enterprise search

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We hope to you can add to the learning fun.

Search Spark Productivity

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Spark Productivity delivers customized training solutions that help individuals and teams become more focused, joyful, and confident as they improve productivity.
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