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Time Management System Transition

Time Management System Transition

Time Management System Transition


Time Management System transition


As a productivity trainer part of my job is to demo different time management systems to gain intimate familiarity so I can lead clients to choose the one that’s best for them.

I’ve gone from paper to electronic to Franklin Planner to a tickler to Outlook to index cards to a combination of those. And now, I’m trying on GTD (that’s Getting Things Done for those of you not a part of the cult) for size.

Although each system has its merits and downfalls, the universal truth I’ve come to embrace: transitioning from one time management system to another is tough work.

Following are a few tips to make it easier: 

Tell people you’re under construction. Especially the people you connect to most frequently.They may be a bit more understanding if you seem uncharactertically discombobulated.

Dedicate several self appointments to make the change. Changing time management systems is time-consuming work. The rewards keep coming after the switch is made and the new habits are formed, but the upfront time commitment is critical.

Go easy on yourself. You’re going to make mistakes. The folks involved may or may not understand your situation and be tolerant. But you have the power to forgive yourself…use your power for good.

 Do you have a transition story to tell?

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