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Take Your To Do List Up a Notch with Evernote Reminders

Take Your To Do List Up a Notch with Evernote Reminders

Take Your To Do List Up a Notch with Evernote Reminders

I admit it may not be the norm, but I am very excited about to do lists and organizing information. Therefore, I was very interested in learning about Evernote’s new Reminder feature and would like to share what I’ve found.

Reminders take Evernote from an organized to do list and information storage utility to a one-stop shop for action items and prioritizing. To set a reminder, click the alarm clock icon within a note and enter the reminder. You will have the option to assign and date and time. If you assign a date, then a reminder will appear on your device, and you will have the option of receiving an email reminder as well. Evernote Reminders automatically sync across all versions (Android, Windows phone, iOs, Mac OS X) that support this feature.


The reminder title will appear at the top of note lists, tag lists, and search. Therefore, within a notebook, all the reminders for that notebook will be at the top. This keeps the reminders for each project organized and separated from each other. If you’d like to see all reminders, select ‘all notes’ and then all the reminders will appear together.

With reminders appearing at the top of a note, this allows for highlighting important information and can be used as a Table of Contents. If sharing a notebook with others, they can opt to see the reminders and thus the important information that is now at the top.

To mark a reminder as done, click on it and a strikethrough line will appear along with a check mark.

The Windows desktop version of this feature has not yet been released, and neither has the ability to set re-occurring tasks, or to track task completion times. However, Evernote promises that the Windows desktop version will be coming soon.

There are unlimited possibilities for utilizing this feature, some modified suggestions based on those from Evernote are:

Project Organization: List all ongoing projects with due dates. If any need to be re-prioritized, then slide the projects and drop into the new order.

Travel Packing: Set a Reminder for shortly before you will leave with a packing list to ensure you have packed all the essentials. Then reuse the list in the future.

Team Birthdays and Recognition: Set a reminder a few days prior to birthdays or special events and to remember to purchase cards and/or gifts.

Questions: Track your questions and/or agenda items for recurring meetings. If you tend to have floating questions or ideas between recurring meeting instances, create a note for that meeting to list your questions, and then set a reminder for the time of your meeting. Keep the note going so you’ll always have a placeholder for the next time you meet.

How will you use reminders to improve your productivity?

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