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In this time of spring when nature is showing us how to shed the old and produce anew, I’ve decided to stop writing blog articles, newsletters, and making routine social media posts…at least for now.

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Do you ever associate a heaviness with a moment or a person or a project? What do you do to suspend the weight? I find Aldous Huxley’s words profoundly useful in helping me to be less serious.

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This time last year I committed to a daily meditation practice that I’ve gratefully been able to maintain thanks to how I’ve stacked my habits and made use of a meditation app called headspace.

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How did I finally start my capsule wardrobe?

  • I got inspired by others.
  • I procrastinated.
  • I dared to be someone.

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Prism Planet

by Courtney Walsh

Turning our back on the world or going “off the grid” doesn’t free us from it.

It only tightens fear shackles further.

When we can embrace and step up to our role as Humangelic, then we have truth, freedom, love and peace at our constant disposal.

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About a year ago I made shifts in my life that upset some of my routines. I wanted my morning routine to reflect the evolution I had experienced in my life, so I made a change there, too.

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Then and Now

by Tom Clark

Then it was always
for now, later
for later.

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Would you consider romantically pairing a six-foot one-inch female friend with a male colleague who is five-foot eight inches? Probably not, because thoughtfully bearing in mind social norms and their physical differences, and you can quickly detect the depressed likelihood of success in this circumstance.

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Following is David Allen’s food for thought from his recently released Productive Living newsletter. This five-paragraph soliloquy highlighting counterproductive thinking is a great example of why he makes the big bucks. That I connect with his message so deeply and share the essence with my productivity coaching clients with the same heart is why I help them to experience real results (all while gratefully earning the medium bucks).

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