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Next week is one of the most popular vacation weeks for Americans. Do you have one planned? No matter, you’re sure to see vacationing friends and family on Facebook and Instagram and to hear tales of upcoming and recently taken journeys in your workplace.

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How did I finally start meditating on a daily basis?

  • I told someone.
  • I paid someone.
  • I dared to be someone.

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Chicago columnist Christopher Borrelli consulted with our own Sue Becker when researching his Chicago Tribune article, How My Media Diet is Killing Me, about creating a less-complicated life with more time to spend with friends.

Like many of our executive coaching clients, Christopher smartly and bravely confesses his struggles with a terrific sense of humor…

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Dear David Allen, The number of ways I treasure your body of work seem countless. Getting Things Done. Your presentation style. The weekly review. Psychic RAM. Deep water of doing. Mind like water. How you dissed me in 2010. The list continues from there. Yours truly, Chicago Productivity Coach

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As we tiptoe our way into the Spring tulips in Chicago, we have three suggestions for getting motivated to work.

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Chicago writer Dennis O’Toole interviewed our Sue Becker when researching his Morning News essay, My Top One Lists about his resolution to become more culturally aware.

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One of the biggest time management mistakes people make is not recognizing that time management is really self management. Instead of looking for external explanations to know why time management is a challenge, I coach people to look internally. I help them to build the self discipline to do what’s important to help them reach their goals and to flex the self discipline to set aside time for unburdened fun as well as for becoming the person they were meant to be.

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Many of our executive productivity coaching clients come to us because they’ve postponed organizing their to do list for one day (& night!) too many. They decide getting by for one more quarter is not how they want to live. They empower themselves to work with us to make different choices. To live better. To operate from a place of greater daily control.

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