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Three keys to keeping your resolutions are 1 :: get specific about what you want to do, 2 :: determine a specific routine for achieving just that, and 3 :: anticipate and plan for your weak spots.

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It’s not too late to purchase a yearly calendar for your wall. These are two well-designed calendars that work.

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Although this won’t optimize every delegation situation, why not experiment with posting a banner like this to see what happens:

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With a new year often comes new goals. We tend to dive in with great ambition, and then we hit unexpected hurdles and are thrown off course. In a recent newsletter, author Daniel Pink pointed out the following concept to encourage us to remain on track and to celebrate our successes.

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If you fail to promote yourself or stop to recognize your accomplishments, we invite you to watch this three-minute video on creating short- and long-term systems to self promote:

What other techniques do you use to gain recognition?

Following Through

Someone I know well and completely trust, Linette George, is hosting a workshop September 28 8:30 to noon in Oak Brook to teach methods to stop “shoulding” all over the place…and to get from to-do to done instead. Following is her message…

“When I first heard about the book Following Through, I was intrigued. Having a background in psychology, I’m fascinated by things involving human behavior and brain function. So I read it. I felt like I had truly found the missing link – the answer to the question ‘why don’t I follow through and get things done like I know I should?’

The answer both surprised and delighted me.  I immediately began implementing strategies from the book, and before long I became a follow-through goddess. It’s amazing how accountable I became to my to-do list once I discovered the missing link!”

Register or find out more at The Missing Link.

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