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Sue Becker

Sue Becker

Attentive and goal-oriented, Sue Becker.

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Through executive coaching and group seminars, Sue Becker has spent the last 15 years inspiring people to implement organizational solutions to be more productive and to spend more time enjoying life. Attentive and goal-oriented, she is sympathetic without letting emotions cloud her judgment or focus.

A 20-year veteran of Chicago finance, auditing, and accounting positions, Sue well understands the stresses inherent in Fortune 500 life. This experience (plus her CPA and Kellogg MBA) allows her to not only empathize with the challenges business clients face, but also to be comfortable discussing and organizing financial information.

As a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, Sue has seen it all and is calm in situations where others might be overwhelmed. As an ADHD Specialist, she’s used to working with people who are talkative and/or distracted and knows how and when to bring them back to the task at hand. As a Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator Certified Practitioner, she understands our differences and how best to guide individuals toward success that meets them where they are.

When not conducting time management training in Chicago or coaching executives, Sue lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and two occasional-visiting grown sons. When she’s not volunteering, she’s hiking, biking, kayaking, working on her questionable juggling skills, or cheering on her beloved Chicago Blackhawks.

Sue Becker. Grounded, yet not boring; confident, yet not self-congratulatory; observant, yet non judgmental.

Sue with Family

Sue Becker with Family
Sue with Tommy Hawk

Sue Becker with Tommy Hawk
Feet to the Fire Accountability

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