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Standing Desk Productivity

Standing Desk Productivity

Standing Desk Productivity

I’ve written about standing desks before. Having already spent many hours at my desk this week, the idea is becoming more attractive. I suspect not only will my body appreciate the shift, but also my mind will deliver a productivity bump as reward for the short break and change in perspective.


New to the scene for me are the carefully designed desk enhancements from

These adjustable desk risers sit on top of your existing desk, allowing you to switch from a seated to standing position quickly and frequently. There is no assembly required, and the installation is not fixed–so there should be no trouble from the facilities police. Starting at $275, they are affordable even when you reach for their top-of-the-line double-monitor-holding/keyboard-lifting/height-adjusting version plus their cushy standing mat for $450 total.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

standing desk productivity varidesk down
standing desk productivity varidesk up

If you’re unsure about the effects of the sit/stand combo, or if you don’t have control over your desk purchase, the Varidesk might be a good option for you.

IKEA Bekant Sit/Stand

A couple of days ago this article turned me onto the IKEA sit stand number. An option with cord management to boot? Va va voom!

Known for their high-design pieces that don’t require a bonus payment, IKEA seems to have another winner with this adjustable desk. It seems they’re still rolling it out, so I have yet to see one in store or even find it online. It’s likely there is a little assembly required, though IKEA items are usually fairly easy to fit together.

standing desk productivity bekant down
standing desk productivity bekant up

If you have influence over your desk purchase and you’re satisfied with your keyboard being on the same plane, the Belkant might be a good option for you.


What say you, standing workers? What type of desk are you using? What sort of results are you experiencing? Did the company pay for it?

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