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Shop the Evernote Market

Shop the Evernote Market

Shop the Evernote Market

When I was high school you could find me in the office supply store across from the mall where my friends would be shopping the latest fashions. So you can imagine how excited I was to learn that Evernote has extended their experience beyond the app with a marketplace. They’ve curated a small group of deliciously productive (& gorgeous!) products. Before you make your next gift choice or recommendation, might you consider some of the amazing products they feature? Let’s explore a few of my favorites:


backpackI’m a sucker for backpacks and am in love with this one. The Rhine Flat Back Pack (dark grey) is tidy, sturdy, functional, and stylish for on the go. There is a place for everything including 13″ or 15″ laptops, while also having a slim design for navigating tight commutes. This backpack also features a high performance fiber and metal hardware to encourage and support versatility from hiking to looking great with a business suit. The design is minimal. The price tag is $180.

I’m currently carrying a snazzy IKEA backpack with a slighter cost ($20) and a brighter color (orange). I was also approached recently by a woman who wanted to buy my backpack for her teenager, so tread lightly here.


scanner compact

A first of it’s kind, the ScanSnap Evernote Edition scans two sided documents (up to 34″), receipts, business cards, photos, etc. at 25 pages/minute AND autofiles them (over wifi) into your designated Evernote notebooks. This scanner supports Mac OS and Windows. It is slick in appearance (folding to be compact), yet can hold 50 sheets for autofeeding when opened for use. Purchase online at $495 which includes one year of Evernote Premium and sufficient online storage.

We’ve found by way of our clients that ScanSnap is the best brand for personal use scanners. Whether you purchase this or other editions that require a wired connection for filing into Evernote, you should find scanning far less of a chore.


stylus aloneThe Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus is the finest stylus tip on the market making handwritten notes on all iOS devices feel natural with great control on a screen. Adonit’s Pixelpoint™ Technology has a 1.9mm tip which compares to the standard 6.0mm tip. This stylus connects with Bluetooth technology and is powered with one AAA battery (included). Order online at $74.95. Order soon if this is the stylus for you, as this product takes a while to ship.

We’ve been using the $29.99 Jot Pro with great success. Made by the same company, we’re guessing the Pixelpoint experience will be another leap toward Samsung gracefulness.

Standup Bag

triangle bagThe Triangle, Commuter Bag (dark grey) stands up on it’s own allowing you a birds-eye view of the contents every time you unzip. The dividers are adjustable providing control to move the compartments to meet your needs and a vented external pouch provides quick access and to help you see what it contains. This knapsack is constructed from durable materials to support strength and protect from dirt. It measures 15.7″ by 1025″ by 5.1″ (at the widest point). Order online for $199.

Were I not such a backpack fanatic, this bag would be on my wish list. I can picture the coffee shop and the airplane moments in my mind’s eye. Making me ever-so happy and the passersby green for my productive stance.

Encouraging organization and confidence with their sleek, professional look, are any of these Evernote products the ideal gifts for a colleague or for you? May you enjoy exploring the options as well as the opportunity to give to others as we enter the gift giving season!

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