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Siri How To

Siri How To

Siri How To

Using voice commands is 3 to 4 times faster than than typing. Thus, many people are saving time with Siri, a voice-activated tool on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, and iTouch 5. Siri enables users to complete tasks on their phone entirely through voice commands.

Step 1: program your device

In addition to checking the weather, sending a text, and doing an internet search like you’ve seen in the commercials, there are added  productivity benefits to Siri dictation when you program the device so she knows more about you. Press and hold the Home button to activate Siri, and then establish connections with contacts to allow commands to be more natural. For example:

Tell Siri who you are:

Settings -> General -> Siri -> My Info -> choose yourself from contacts.

Tell Siri who your people are:

Dennis Wencel is my husband; Zola Miller is my mom

Allow Siri and Reminders to access your Location Services:

Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Siri On -> Reminders On

Step 2: experiment your way to success

The following screenshots illustrate our experimentation. What Jan said is captured in quotation marks, and Siri’s response follows in the subsequent bubble:






If you don’t already have a relationship with Siri, I think you’re really going to love her. Sometimes she says funny things like, “What would you do without me?” Or, when you cancel an appointment, she’ll say, “you’re too busy anyway.”

There are many way to increase productivity with Siri. What tricks have you discovered?

P.S. Here’s a longer list of time-saving tasks Siri can do for you: make a phone call; launch an application; send/read/respond to messages; add/change/ask about events on calendar; retrieve sports info like scores, game schedules, player info, team info;  activate maps for navigation or finding local businesses; send out a tweet via twitter; add a post to facebook; search, make reservations, find reviews for restaurants; search for movies, find show times, get tickets, find theatres, reviews, and awards; play/pause/shuffle/skip music and/or podcasts; create new reminders; send/check/reply to email; access the weather like time-based info on temperature, wind, rain, sunrise/sunset; find info on stocks; access the clock features including setting an alarm, telling you what time it is where you are or in other time zones, as well as setting the timer; accessing contacts including asking about them, finding them, and assigning relationships; adding notes; searching the web and wolframalpha for various facts and data.


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