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Save Time, Space, and Paper Using QR Tags

Save Time, Space, and Paper Using QR Tags

Save Time, Space, and Paper Using QR Tags

At Spark Productivity we’re continually searching for methods to increase productivity. This week we were drawn to TagMyDoc–a quick and easy option for sharing information without wasting time following up, making copies, or lugging lots of paper around.

HOW IT WORKS: Upload a document to TagMyDoc where a QR (Quick Reader) tag is added, then people can access the document on their device by reading the QR tag.  Specifically:

  • Register for a free TagMyDoc account.
  • Upload a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or image document (the first 50 docs are free) that will be stored in the TagMyDoc cloud. The document will look nearly the same as what you uploaded, but a small QR tag (a black and white square matrix barcode linked to specific documents) is added in the corner of one of the pages. The document is now ‘tagged’ for others to retrieve.
  • Share the tags with others (they’ll scan the tag using a free QR reader app such as ScanMyDoc on their smartphone or tablet) so they can access the document from their device.
  • Scanning the tag will provide a link to the document. When the link is clicked, the viewer will be able to click “download,” “follow,” or “share.” Download enables the document to be immediately downloaded and viewed on their smart phone or tablet. Follow provides email notifications when the document is updated. Share allows the document to be shared via email, Facebook, or Twitter to then be opened on any machine.

Want to see what it is like to access a document using the QR tag? Try loading a QR reader and accessing the QR tag on the top of this article to access the TagMyDoc Quick Reference Guide.

WHAT TO USE IT FOR: Share documents, agendas, schedules, business cards, maps and more for a business meeting or conference in a safe and easy way. Rather than printing copies of a discussion document, have contacts scan the tag and open the document on their device. This enables information to be accessible from the viewer’s device without papers and cards that take up space or could be misplaced. For example:

  • Your bring a hard copy of an Excel doc to a meeting where you think budgeting questions might arise. Rather than bring copies for everyone else or sending a copy after the meeting for those who are interested, you bring a single tagged copy—and allow attendees who want a copy to use their mobile devices to scan the tag and receive a digital copy on the spot.
  • You are responsible for several classes in your corporate university training program. You have a Word handout and a PowerPoint presentation for each class. Instead of printing both pieces, you print only the handout—with a QR tag for the PowerPoint slides so attendees who want to can access a copy during or after the class.

For more examples of the advantages of using TagMy Doc, check out TagMyDoc’s Business Use Cases. What other uses are there? How do you use QR tags?

The first 250 people to upgrade to a premium account at TagMyDoc will receive a 40% discount. Premium accounts allow an unlimited number of versions for any document.


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