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Prism Planet | A Poem by Courtney Walsh

Prism Planet | A Poem by Courtney Walsh

Prism Planet | A Poem by Courtney Walsh

Prism Planet

by Courtney Walsh

Turning our back on the world or going “off the grid” doesn’t free us from it.

It only tightens fear shackles further.

When we can embrace and step up to our role as Humangelic, then we have truth, freedom, love and peace at our constant disposal.

Full access.

In the places it matters most.

The mind and the heart. Our soulsong beckons.

Plant your flag of light there. It’s not your job to lift veils. To uncover mysteries. To peel back curtains.
That’s already happening. Within. You want to be a true explorer? Treasure hunter? That’s your final frontier, baby.

Reclaim that territory. Integrate your multidimensional self.

Get out of the cage of thinking that you and the world can’t be freedom friends.

You can. You most certainly can.

Diogenes searched the world for honesty. Jesus gave the world his blood. Others have marched and burned.

It’s enough with the searching, burning, marching and the bleeding. Enough of the angst and needing.
Enough of the fingerpointing and swordwielding and heartshielding.


There’s no such thing as a prison planet or the end of the world. There are only cycles. Of light and dark. Of before and now. Of fear and love.

Those conspiracies are just bars on your self-imposed fear cage, campfire stories to scare you with.

Here’s the REAL revelation.

You ready? This is a planet of LOVE. Of refracted LIGHT. And shadow.

That together? Create prisms of colors dancing.

We came here to put the puzzle pieces of love together. To walk hand in heart. To combine our shine.

Knowing that?

Is our key to the ultimate freedom.

Presence is all. Gratitude. Clarity. Love.

That’s the only power that’s real. The only force that matters.

All else is distortion. Distraction. Illusion.

We know this. We always knew it.

Now? It’s time for us to live it.

It’s time to remember.

Published on Soul-Lit along with other of her works including Dear Human which a mentor shared with  me this week.

What does it take for you to work from a place of presence? If you operated at work from a place of love, how would things be different? How would you be changed?

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