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Precrastination (yes, pre)

Precrastination (yes, pre)

First I read the following in Wired Magazine’s Jargon Watch:



Getting tasks done ahead of schedule with extra effort. Precrastinating might be as detrimental to productivity as precrastinating, especially when people precrastinate on trivialities like email, mentally exhausting themselves before turning to greater challenges.


Then I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary to find these among their definitions:

 Developing a deliberate plan to avoid making a decision or action

To procrastinate before procrastinating

The act of placing yourself or others (usually those who work for you) in crisis mode now for something far in the future that may or may no ever happen


Then I found this NYMag article which pointed me to this Psychological Science abstract which proposes precrastinating is

the hastening of subgoal completion, even at the expense of extra physical effort


Next I consulted an Eric Barker (Barking Up the Wrong Tree) post which included remarks on structured procrastination & defined it as such:

¬†…doing little things that give us the feeling of progress instead of deep work that really makes progress


Meanwhile, I had yet to put a single word into this blog post. And that’s when I realized…

It matters not what we call it: PREcrastination or PROcrastination. What matters is that we work mindfully. When we recognize we’re pretending to get stuff done, we can force completion of the important work to move us forward in business and in life.

Here’s wishing you less pre and pro.

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