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Pack Efficiently with this All-Inclusive Evernote List

Pack Efficiently with this All-Inclusive Evernote List

Pack Efficiently with this All-Inclusive Evernote List

Those who know me well have learned I measure success in vacation days. After auditioning and not liking the post popular packing list app, I created an all-inclusive packing list built from thousands of travel miles and my fair share of missing-item incidents.

Evernote Packing ListI invite you to use this tool and make your packing process more efficient, too. Because although you can usually acquire what you need from the road, it can be an aggravating waste of time.

Follow this link to Evernote to get a copy. I check the first box for items I am GOING to pack, and the second box when the item IS packed. Feel free to use it as a starting point by importing it into your Evernote account or by copying and pasting the list at the end of this post into other platforms. Add your own fun to the list. Then, when you have the opportunity to tack a few days of vacation onto a business trip, the extra packing items are already identified.

Leaving on a trip with the confidence that you have packed everything needed brings peace of mind while setting off on your venture. What will you add to make this list your own?

P.S. Follow the link to find more tips on how to use Evernote for travel.

wash & fill car w/gas & air

stop mail/clean up tivo to do list

secure keys/computers

adjust hvac/plug in timers

water plants

arrange for watering/shoveling

create playlist/synch electronics

record/deploy out-of-office message

day pack


cooler/ice/ice packs

collapsible/reusable bag

luggage/bike lock


__ tops/__ bottoms/__ dresses

__ socks

__ undergarments/__ specialty

shoes/shower/special/hiking boot/sandal





long underwear


rain gear/umbrella




shampoo, bar soap

pick/barrette/hair bands

nail clippers/tweezers

razor/shaving cream

feminine products

travel towel/washcloth/togg

beach towel


first aid/blister kit/safety pins



acetaminophen/migraine meds

cipro/malaria meds

insect repellent/mosquito net

sunscreen/lip balm

flashlight/head strap/batteries

pocket knife/compass/binoculars


knife sharpener/cutting board


tent/air mattress/fan/tarp/batteries

buckie/sleep sack

toilet paper

water purifier

clothes line/pins/detergent

plastic/garbage bags

duct tape

games/lrc/frisbee/golf dice/bean bags


wine stoppers/cuzzies

passport/visas/dive log

vaccination certs/copies of imp. docs


health ins./atm/credit cards, cash/checks


computer/flash drive/power cord/adapters


eye/ear protection





water bottles/bladder

maps, guidebooks, phrase books

reading material

large envelopes, stamps


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