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Organizing Paperwork Using Dry Erase File Tabs

Organizing Paperwork Using Dry Erase File Tabs

Organizing Paperwork Using Dry Erase File Tabs

Filertek sent us samples of a smarter tool for paper organization–dry erase file tabs.

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This unique product is useful for building paper filing systems. Some features we found for these file tabs are: 

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  • can use with paper tabs (not our preferred method), printed labels (Avery 5167 return address labels), or with dry-erase marker

  • can use over and over again

  • easy to change a dry erase or printed label–flip open the protective cover, erase or cover the previous label, write in or insert the new label, and flip the cover back down

  • available in clear and colored tabs, and in blister packs of 12 or boxes of 25 or 50

  • clip on and reposition easily, removing the fight to get the tab into the slits in the folder

  • clip onto other products to professionally ad a label  things like letter trays, sorters, notebooks, and paper piles

  • sturdier than other products due to their durable heavy plastic construction that is particularly good for heavily used or shared files

  • slightly larger with a better slant than other 2″ tabs, thus faster for finding the file you are looking for

  • work with any dry erase marker and enables simple color coding of file labels if desired

Our preference was for the clear tabs, as it was harder to read through the colored ones. Additionally, the 25 and 50 tab box sets were nice in that they included a free dry erase pen and we were able to store the additional tabs not needed for our initial project in the box. (Many of our Chicago paper organization clients lose track of the tabs that come with file folders because they were packaged in the plastic bag that is now in the bottom of their drawer under a pile of files. The Filertek box may help store and find any unused tabs more easily when needed.)

describe the imageThese handy little tabs are available at OfficeMax, Walmart, Amazon, and

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We have enjoyed discovering the benefits and time savings of these tabs. What tools have you found for faster and smarter office organization?

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