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Sweatworking :: Where Fitness Meets Networking

Sweatworking :: Where Fitness Meets Networking

Sweatworking :: Where Fitness Meets Networking

As we connect with colleagues, the options for outings continue to grow. Some contacts are best served by a coffee meet up or over a gourmet meal. Others prefer viewing a sporting event or trying a hand at golf. And now a growing trend involves taking connections to the gym.

For executives that value fitness as part of their routine, this allows for completing two objectives simultaneously (meeting and workout) while also has led to further valuable benefits. In the article Exercise + Networking = ‘Sweatworking,’ published by Crain’s Chicago Business, executives found these fitness meetings break down barriers by removing the business suit and related formalities. Seeing each other working hard and sweating seems to bring out the honesty in a person. Professionals feel they experience a more accurate picture of how the person will make decisions and respond under pressure after tearing down defensive walls via exercise.

If you are just getting started with sweatworking, perhaps starting with a fast walk or jog appointment can help you ease into the concept. Opting for a spin class (where the resistance/intensity of the workout can be adjusted and is only known to the rider) might be another entryway.

We’re curious, does double dipping your time in this way entice you? Can you get comfortable with having the professional side of your life step into the personal side? Have you already interwoven fitness into your business world? Share your stories via comments.

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