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Know Your Response to Rules and Successfully Implement New Habits

Know Your Response to Rules and Successfully Implement New Habits

Know Your Response to Rules and Successfully Implement New Habits

To make a new habit into a rule for ourselves, it is helpful to consider how we respond to the idea of a rule. This could be an outer rule such as a deadline or doctor’s order and/or inner rule like a new year’s resolution or other self-imposed goals. Which of the 4 categories MOST closely describes your response?

QUESTIONER: questions all rules, but will follow rules if they make sense

Large percentage of us fall here…
  • Motivated by sound reasons
  • Must decide for themselves that a course of action makes sense
  • Won’t follow rules with which they disagree, or which seem arbitrary
  • Wake up thinking…What needs to get done today?

OBLIGER: respond readily to outer rules, but struggles to keep inner rules

Large percentage of us fall here, too…
  • Motivated by external accountability
  • Find it difficult to fulfill obligations they impose on themselves
  • Dislike letting other people down
  • Respond well to deadlines; coaches/partners/trainers/late fees; responsibility as role model; being monitored
  • Wake up thinking…What’s expected of me today?

UPOLDER: responds readily to both outer and inner rules…

Second smallest percentage of us fall here
  • Motivated by fulfillment
  • Very much want to know the rules and what’s expected of them
  • Want to avoid making mistakes or letting people down (including themselves)
  • Wake up thinking…What’s on the schedule & the to-do list for today?

REBEL: resists all rules–outer and inner rules alike…

Smallest percentage of us fall here
  • Motivated by present desire
  • Resist control, even self-control
  • Choose to act from a sense of freedom (plus they do love to flout)
  • Wake up thinking…What do I want to do today?

As we look at the above categories, I’m hoping we can all smile and relate ourselves to one description. We need to resist the urge to think one category is better than the others and instead embrace the category we are in and work to our personality. These categories were defined in a video on 99U by Gretchen Rubin … 4 ways to successfully adopt new habits. She goes on to share the pros and cons of each category that will help us see which parts of our personality to embrace when implementing new habits and what obstacle we are likely to encounter along the way.

The better you know yourself, the better able you are to bring these elements to life. How will you approach new habits now that you see how you respond to a new rule?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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