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Keeping Resolutions

Keeping Resolutions

When it comes to declaring year-long commitments, we Americans thrive. Keeping resolutions, however, can be a struggle.

Long-time Spark Productivity associate, Holly McDermott*, uses this mantra…

keeping resolutions never miss a monday

It’s something she picked up from social media. She uses it not only for keeping resolutions, but also for when she has a dropped or paused habit that is hard to get back into–like her exercise routine after a vacation. When she carries the mantra “Never Miss a Monday,” the effortless, supportive self talk lures her into the feel-good activities she has difficulty initiating because they mentally don’t feel so good before.

I’m guessing on Sunday and throughout the week the message is heard differently, depending on her mood and the situation. For instance…

I’m a never miss a Monday kind of gal. Tomorrow I’m going to knock that off before lunch!

Tomorrow is Monday…and that means that I’ve got to get into the office early to reach out to the London office before 10a. Never Miss A Monday

I’m sorry I can’t schedule that meeting for Monday (because that’s when I’m practicing yoga, and I never miss a Monday), but I can make Tuesday work.

For Holly (as for most of us), Mondays are the hardest days to find motivation to do good. Yet if we make a point to never miss a Monday for our work/life priorities (be it conducting a weekly review, writing reports, clearing your inbox, or something more personal like reaching out to a friend, writing in a journal, packing lunches, drinking more water), then it helps us to stick to the commitment for the entire rest of the week. And Holly reports it’s even easier to follow through on subsequent days in the week when she doesn’t miss Monday.

How might you twist this mantra to serve you? Might it become one of these…

keeping resolutions always make it wednesday

keeping resolutions never miss a sunday

keeping resolutions just do it by 11am

No matter the technique, may you keep your goals to yourself this year.


* Holly's mantra is working for her. Alongside helping Spark Productivity to run smoothly and raising four children, of late she temporarily provided daily care for five foster children, works diligently to adopt two children, runs, reads, leads church activities, and more. Go, Holly, go!
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