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Identify the Bandit That’s Stealing Your Time

Identify the Bandit That's Stealing Your Time

Identify the Bandit That’s Stealing Your Time

How often do you estimate a task and not have it completed in the allotted time? The delay may not be under-estimation, but rather unplanned interruptions.

If you’re unsure what’s stealing your time, we challenge you to document a day of delays in an interruption log where each time you must pause, shift focus, then re-engage in the original task, you document the disruption.

Interruption log imageThe goal of this exercise is to provide the opportunity to identify interruption patterns–who, what, when. Then, determine the reason for the pattern and take steps to prevent re-occurrences.

For example, if multiple people are interrupting with similar questions, then there may be a training need on the process such as in this sample interruption log. If a specific person is interrupting often, then perhaps asking for their questions to be saved and shared at a standing meeting each week or day will yield less noise throughout the day. If you are breaking often to check for emails, then maybe establishing specific times for batch processing email will release you from feeling obligated to check email every few minutes.

Here’s to the thrill of the capture!

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