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Increase Workplace Comfort and Productivity by Exploring Ergonomics

Increase Workplace Comfort and Productivity by Exploring Ergonomics

Increase Workplace Comfort and Productivity by Exploring Ergonomics

Simple ergonomic changes to a desk set up will remove or reduce painful work posture for eyes, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, wrists, back and legs. Nearly 82% of office workers are interested in ergonomic changes, yet only 18% are currently using such products. Why the discrepancy? I think it might be knowing where and how to shop.

Fellowes is a brand name I’ve always associated with shredders. So when they recently reached out to Spark Productivity and offered their ergonomic products for us to test, I was surprised…and then impressed. See if you agree by visiting their ergonomic solution center site (WARNING, there is music which you can turn off at the top right). They’ve produced short demo videos for each product so you can tell how it functions before you buy.

I took their Laptop GoRiser™ and Monitor Riser for a spin. The laptop riser raises the keyboard at an incline providing much more comfortable wrist positioning. As an added bonus, I loved that the product easily folds flat to slip in my laptop bag to carry with me. The monitor riser lessened the need to take breaks caused by neck and shoulder pain, and allowed me to leave my desk without feeling the usual tightness. How nice to walk away from my computer feeling the freedom from this strain.

What physical strain at your desk would you like to remove?

If you need ammunition to secure the investment, more information on their products can be found in this document (where things are organized by ailing body part) and in the following Infographic:


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