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Increase Productivity via Ergonomics & Activity

Increase Productivity via Ergonomics & Activity

Increase Productivity via Ergonomics & Activity

I spent time with the acupuncturist this weekend; hence, this post to remind me about the importance of ergonomics and activity at the workplace.

Ergonomics and ProductivityIncrease Productivity Through Ergonomics

According to Ergotron, research over the past 20 years has consistently shown that workstations adjusted to fit the user can result in an 18% productivity increase. (Multi-display configurations result in another lift.) But what is the right fit for you? Go here to generate an illustrated guideline (like we have pictured) specific to your situation.

Increase Productivity Through Activity

If you’ve been stuck at your desk all day (be it ergonomically set up or not), stand up. This simple act tells your brain it’s time to be awake and act alert. This quick burst of activity improves concentration by bathing the brain with oxygen and activating stress-relieving chemicals.

One client of mine was so keen on standing up more, she used recurring phone alarms to prompt her movement, and she asked her company to install equipment so she could sit or stand while computing.

What changes or habits do you need/have your made to make your time at the office more productive and more comfortable?

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