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Increase Meeting Efficiency & Decrease Meeting Time with Less Meeting

Increase Meeting Efficiency & Decrease Meeting Time with Less Meeting

Increase Meeting Efficiency & Decrease Meeting Time with Less Meeting

Have meetings taken over your calendar? Do you have little time left for doing work during normal business hours? Do you want to make meetings more efficient, but are not sure where to start? Perhaps deploying a software application will be the impetus to creating a cultural shift.

Less Meeting is a web/mobile meeting productivity tool providing an all-in-one solution to bad meetings that can be used individually, by a team, or with an entire organization to increase meeting efficiency and ultimately allow you to spend less time in meetings. It is designed to

  • Help meetings finish on time or early
  • Capture and share action items and notes efficiently
  • Keep your team on the same page

Create notes on your iPad, in Outlook, or in Google apps and easily sync and connect. Or, use Less Meeting without syncing your calendar by creating a “huddle” from within your Less Meeting account.

Here are some of our favorite features:

Planning and Facilitating

  • Follow the template to easily create an agenda
  • Set timers for agenda items and meeting length with notifications to keep you on time
  • Use best practices built into the interface such as the Parking Lot
  • View anonymous meeting feedback to improve facilitation

Meeting Minutes & Follow up

  • Share meeting notes instantly with participants during the meeting
  • Record participants, action items, and notes easily
  • Automatically alert participants to action items and instantly send meeting minutes at meeting conclusion
  • Link meeting notes to follow-up meetings and/or reoccurring meetings to pick up where you left off
  • Sync meeting notes saved in other applications (such as while on the road) when connected

 Increase Efficiency & Decrease Meeting Time

  • Enable those not able to attend to feel in the loop
  • View team dashboard to help with equitable task allocation
  • See how often participants are meeting and on which topics to reformulate meeting plan

Privacy & Security

  • Back ups automatically save instantly thus, data is saved if connectivity is lost
  • Data is encrypted before storage and hosted on Windows Azure with top level security compliance
  • Meeting participants are the only people able to view a meeting notes

Priced at $12/month for individuals, $59/month for groups of 10 or fewer, and $499/month for organizations of up to 100, the goal of Less Meeting is to make your meetings more effective by improving the meeting cycle of planning, meeting, acting, and adjusting–which is worth an investment.

Have you give their free trial a spin? Which of the features did you find most rewarding?


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