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How to Start Meditating

How to Start Meditating

How did I finally start meditating on a daily basis?

  • I told someone.
  • I paid someone.
  • I dared to be someone.

For years I had been flirting with the concept of daily meditation. I read books and articles about mindfulness benefits. I took a class to learn the benefits of daily meditation. I asked probing questions of friends and near strangers who had the daily habit. Yet I meditated infrequently. While I experienced immediate benefits from this irregular activity, I wanted to experience the deeper, more long-term benefits I had studied.

After this slow brewing of desire, my devotion to a daily practice recently bloomed. Here’s how it started…

I Told Someone

Not just anyone–someone I admire. Casey Moore, a fellow productivity coach, is the person I told. She met me where I was. She encouraged me. She held up my intention so I could see it.

I Paid Someone

Casey introduced me to Andy Puddicombe of Headspace, and I paid roughly $100 for 12 months of unlimited access to their collection of guided meditations and their mobile app which tracks my stats. Though Headspace delivers more than $100 in value, the dollar amount felt high enough to create the friction needed in the beginning to propel me to practice faithfully so as not to waste my money.

With red cheeks I want to mention that Andy is another reason the daily practice stuck. To get the undivided attention of a strapping man with an English accent every day is something worth seeking. Oh yeah, he’s also very wise.

I Dared to be Someone

After clinging to meditation how to and meditation research, I finally let go and dared to become the someone I had been imagining for years. Someone who practices morning meditation as part of their daily life.

To illustrate the kind of content Andy and his team use to educate and to cheer you on, following are two screenshots and one of their animations:

how to meditate screenshot 1    how to meditate screenshot 2

How did/will you start your daily meditation practice?

P.S. Headspace donates a subscription to someone in need for every subscription they sell. I don’t have any affiliation with them, however, so I get only the great satisfaction of spreading a terrific resource.

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