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How My Media Diet Is Killing Me | An Article by Christopher Borrelli

How My Media Diet Is Killing Me | An Article by Christopher Borrelli

How My Media Diet Is Killing Me | An Article by Christopher Borrelli

Chicago columnist Christopher Borrelli consulted with our own Sue Becker when researching his Chicago Tribune article, How My Media Diet is Killing Me, about creating a less-complicated life with more time to spend with friends.

Like many of our executive coaching clients, Christopher smartly and bravely confesses his struggles with a terrific sense of humor…

The first step in addressing a problem is recognizing there is a problem…I went to see Sue Becker. She was polite and formal and practical-seeming; she wore…an expression of placidity and ease more commonly associated with saints and friendly robots.

The immediate problem is that my TiVo holds only 20 hours of programming…I would like to read more…[and] I would like to go to more concerts, but I don’t even have time to listen to the music that piled up on my computer in 2014.

‘Some people would say they wish they were you.’

She is right.

As problems go, ‘too many leisure options’ is somewhere between a long line at Starbucks and remembering online passwords. But on a noise-filtering, everyday 21st-century level, it’s a cultural hurricane…there are simply not enough hours in a day to keep up with a fraction of what filmmakers, authors, musicians, TV producers and video game designers have churned out in the past 12 months.

I dream of house arrest…to force the TV time.

‘You’re looking for permission…how about giving yourself permission?’

I shrugged.

She asked for my media diet. [Then] She asked what could go.

…so much pop culture these days sets a premium on continuity… a simple night at the movies…has become a cultural contractual obligation.

‘It feels like you are adding, not subtracting…adding comes at a cost’

Our day is also like a closet. A fixed size. You are carrying guilt for not fitting more in your closet…ruthlessly weed.’

This was the part I dreaded.

Thanks, Christopher Borreli, for illuminating your self-reflection work for others to benefit.

What might happen if you were to ruthlessly weed your workday closet with the guidance of a productivity coach? Would you power through the dread toward simpler more quickly? Might your efforts result in a beautiful harmony of “being part of a cultural conversation” and initiating dialogue with the ones you love?

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