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Have You Considered a Standing Desk?

Have You Considered a Standing Desk?

Have You Considered a Standing Desk?

I enjoy movement, but I am not much for standing. So, why consider a standing desk? First, standing encourages stretching, better posture, and less end-of-the-day physical neck, back, and shoulder strain. Add to that the Mayo Clinic finding that 8 – 10 hours of sitting each day increases risk for heart attack and reduces metabolism, and I’m increasingly curious. (Thanks to the Wirecutter best standing desk article for pointing us to the study.)

The norm for implementing standing desks seems to be a combination of standing and sitting, with standing being the majority, such as a 70:30 split. So how would one outfit their office to make this switch? Some opt for DIY standing workstations. We found these sturdy and affordable paid-for solutions to consider:

Fellowes offers a Sit/Stand Keyboard Tray and Adjustable Monitor Arm that, when paired, are ideal for switching positions

Sit/Stand Keyboard Tray

Adjustable Monitor

Ergo Desktop’s Kangaroo Pro Junior provides an all-in-one keyboard and monitor stand that comes fully assembled to set on your existing desk; this product easily raises and lowers, yet is also able to be moved around your desk to turn as you naturally reposition, potentially turning side to side

Seated Position

Standing Position

Safco’s Stand-Up Adjustable Height Workstation is a stand-alone desk that can be entirely raised or lowered

Standing Station

Although the switch to a standing desk requires some workspace alterations and may involve a potentially-painful transition time for legs and feet, the benefits seem enticing.

How much time do you spend sitting each day? Would you consider sharing the sit time with standing while at work? Here’s an enjoyable account of the switch to a standing desk from our beloved Lifehaker founder. If you’ve switched, do share your story.


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