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Group Training

Fire (rebuilt) Light the fire within

Spark Productivity can light a fire under your organization. Sue Becker is grounded, yet not boring; confident, yet not self-congratulatory; observant, yet not judgmental. She finds unexpected ways to express the ideas your team needs to hear. She uses her coaching skills while teaching–asking learners well-crafted questions designed to trigger reflection. See this training in action.

Time is money

It all adds up: the wasted hours employees spend looking for information. That’s a loss that can equal thousands of dollars per year for each employee. Spark Productivity trainers explains how productivity training can help your team focus on the tasks at hand — and contribute directly to a higher ROI.

You invest a lot into your workforce — training, technology, benefits and more. But if you aren’t building on a strong base of good organizational habits, you won’t reap the full benefit of those investments. Chicago-based Spark Productivity’s insights on organization and time management will generate a pleasing training ROI. Fully engaged, joyfully productive employees can have an exponential impact on your bottom line.

So how to you calculate the training ROI? Spark Productivity does the math and shows how  their typical workshop can help an organization save nearly $70,000 and thousands of hours in wasted employee time. That’s time and money that can be spent where it really counts: engaging with your clients.