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Email Management

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Email Management

Email Exhale® | Email Management Seminar

Email Exhale imageIs your team drowning under a tsunami of incoming email?

Email Exhale ™ will empower your employees to regain control over the inbox. In this popular email training course, they’ll learn how to replace bad habits with productive ones so that they can focus on what really matters during their day. They will also learn how to make the one change that will help them reclaim 5.5 hours per week.

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Your team will learn how to

  • Reduce the number of emails they receive and send
  • Process emails more quickly through a “batch” approach and a proven decision tree
  • Relax their level of organization and strengthen their search muscle
  • Automate repeat commands


Modules include

  1. Reflect. We consider the ways email can both help and hinder our work. Participants begin to recognize their own boundaries, while leaders establish rules of engagement for the team.
  2. Breathe. Participants learn to channel their intellect toward their inbox so they can feel consistently in control. They come to exhale rather than hold their breath when they open the application.
  3. Act. At the close of this email training course we address execution hurdles and prepare participants to make the changes they need to master the email domain.

Time commitment

Quarter-, half-, or double half-day

What you will invest

Your investment range is determined by the following factors:

  • Seminar length
  • Degree of customization
  • Number of participants
  • Number of engagements
  • Travel distance
  • Delivery method
  • Tools and materials
  • Individual coaching

Why you should work with us

We impart new skills and knowledge, but we don’t stop there. We transform attitudes around time management and productivity so that your team understands and embraces the need to change.

We want to make sure these healthy new habits take root. So, our time management coach conducts a personal, 45-minute accountability appointment with each participant to customize our lessons to their individual quirks and needs. These sessions take place four to eight weeks after the workshop, so that your people can identify what’s working for them — and where they might need more help with.

We’ll work with each individual to adapt our tools and techniques so that you receive an exponential ROI on your productivity investment.

Group size

12-25 people

“You can’t be productive if all you are doing is managing an inbox. Every time you get hit with a new piece of information, you have to refocus.

I don’t have to refocus. If I set some time aside to do something, I am more able than not to get it done. I’m able to focus on my true priorities, because they are clear and they don’t change.”

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