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FreedomFiler: How to Organize Tax Papers

FreedomFiler: How to Organize Tax Papers

FreedomFiler: How to Organize Tax Papers

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How was filing your taxes last week? Did you have difficulty finding all the proper papers to give to your tax preparer or to complete the forms yourself? Did you have to think about where to file all the papers after the forms were complete? Did you create a new 2009 file?

If you’d like to make filing tax papers easier next year, then invest in the FreedomFiler. The traditional methods most people use to file are greatly enhanced using their home filing label kit.

One of the linchpins in the system is a 10-year tax archive (the dark-blue folders in the back of the picture). From their website:

“After finishing taxes, staple all supporting documents by category and file them into a single folder in your tax archive, along with a copy of your actual tax forms. Label the ten folders in your tax archive as follows ‘Tax Year 0’, ‘Tax Year 1’, up to ‘Tax Year 9’. File 2004 taxes in ‘Tax Year 4’, 2005 in ‘Tax Year 5’, and so on. Reuse each tax folder every ten years, automatically removing the documents left over from ten years past. If you prefer to keep your actual tax forms (1040, W2 etc) beyond ten years, you may set up ten additional folders, one for each tax decade, ‘Tax Decade 00-09’, ‘Tax Decade 10-19’, up to ‘Tax Decade 90-99’.”

Another key is their short-term odd/even tax folders (the light blue folders in the picture). The odd/even nature of the files means you reuse the folders year after year. Hip! Hip! From their website: 

“Set aside any tax related documents you accumulate during the year in a dedicated section of your filing drawer. Set up tax folders according to your tax needs. You may only need a single folder for your W-2 and any miscellaneous deductions. On the other hand, you may create separate folders for itemized deductions or for home business receipts. For example, ‘Medical Expenses’, ‘Charitable Contributions’, or ‘Business Bank Statements’, ‘Supplies’, and so on. Refer to you most recent tax return to see what paper records were required. Don’t worry, you can always adapt your tax folders later if you are unsure. This will help speed up your tax preparation the following years.”

The system takes some getting use to, but once you learn the new way, you won’t remember life without Freedom Filer.

To receive special pricing on FreedomFiler products, use reference number 8481248 during checkout.

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