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Finish the Cycle

Finish the Cycle

How often do you look at a task on your to do list, know it will be quick to finish, yet not complete the work in the moment? Add to that the re-writing & re-reading this behavior begets. Do you suspect these momentary actions of putting off tasks add up to longer than it would take to just get them done right away?

Finish the Cycle

You’d end up with a stinky mess if you started a load of laundry and then left the clothes wet in the washing machine. Likewise, if you open and close an email without taking action on it before moving onto the next email, you’ll end up with a stinky inbox. As Peter Walsh would say, finish the cycle.

For items requiring only 2-3 minutes, consider a week-long experiment of finishing what’s in front of you before moving to the next item.

Overcoming procrastinating on tasks can be tricky; however, you will be rewarded with the time saved from not postponing these little tasks. What quick tasks are sucking away your time?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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