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Emotions at Work

Emotions at Work

With all the kids in the neighborhood back in school, the yoga teacher I adore reached my heart when she reminded me and a room full of executives of that school time ritual of heads resting on desks.

Do you remember this act fondly like I do? Do you recall if most of your resting moments were prompted by your teachers or by you? Was it a routine of settling the class down after recess? Or was it triggered by instances of chaos?

When you experience emotions at work, what’s your cure? Might you gain something from the simple childhood solution of closing your eyes, resting your head on your ams, and breathing? Do you suspect this momentary suspension of tension would leave you in a better place to collaborate with colleagues? Do you think you might be kinder to yourself after a couple minutes of regeneration? What do you suppose happens to your personal productivity?

Perhaps putting a cheek on a cold desk could help to calm and cool the mind.

What methods do you use to control your emotions at work?

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