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Unplugging and Springing are Easy as Pi(e)

Unplugging and Springing are Easy as Pi(e)

Unplugging and Springing are Easy as Pi(e)

As we tiptoe our way into the Spring tulips in Chicago, we have three suggestions for getting motivated to work.


Tomorrow night (March 6) to Saturday night (March 7) is The National Day of Unplugging–a 24-hour sundown to sundown period each first Friday in March. Why not use this excuse to look the people you live with in the eyes, to connect with the people on your street, to see the people in your neighborhood and city. They won’t be jealous or offended by your phone, tablet, computer, television, and you won’t be distracted by those screens either. May the uninterrupted moments you manifest with the humans in your life refuel your mind, body, and soul.


This Sunday (March 8) Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00 AM. That’s right, you sadly will spring forward and lose an hour. However, the next day you’ll gain knowledge of new Apple products like all their watch models which can help you count down the days until November 1 when you gain that hour back. Here’s CNET’s guess at what to expect at the Apple Spring Forward 2015 event.

Eat Pi(e)

Next Saturday (March 14) is Pi Day. If you’ve ever memorized part of Pi’s infinite, no-reptitioned no-patterned number, then you probably know 2015 is a very special pie day as the first five digits of pi are 3.1415. Does Pi’s infinite nature correlate to the unending work in your life? Perhaps you can use next Saturday’s celebration to reflect on the parallel with a positive light. Might you conclude the unending nature of your work means you’re still working…which means you not only have a job, but you’re also alive?

With all that life gives us to appreciate, what keeps you going?

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