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Delegating Work Using Workflowy

Delegating Work Using Workflowy

For three years we at Spark Productivity have been using Workflowy for delegating work. This one-page website and voluminous-blog powerhouse describes itself as a zoomable, powerful digital notebook that accelerates creativity and productivity while providing unprecedented flexibility in organizing your ideas. We agree.

The following image tells a brief story of our team to do list and how we’re keeping track of tasks at work using Workflowy:

delegating work workflowy


Though structure schemes are endless in Workflowy, we use weeks of is a our main organizational structure. We like it because it gives us a parking space for upcoming items so they’re not in our way when we’re discussing the current timeframe, yet they’re also not forgotten when they’re relevant. Instead, they’re cued for a specific time. We supplement this structure with a couple of special topical groupings at the bottom. Other common structures are using project names or competency areas.


Some of the inherent Workflowy functions we frequently deploy include:

Other Uses

We also use Workflowy to document processes. This is especially effective when we have multiple-step, complex tasks that are completed infrequently and when we onboard new people.

What app to share to do lists are you using? What ways are you using Workflowy in addition to team to do lists?

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