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Dear David Allen, The number of ways I treasure your body of work seem countless. Getting Things Done. Your presentation style. The weekly review. Psychic RAM. Deep water of doing. Mind like water. How you dissed me in 2010. The list continues from there. Yours truly, Chicago Productivity Coach

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About a year ago I made shifts in my life that upset some of my routines. I wanted my morning routine to reflect the evolution I had experienced in my life, so I made a change there, too.

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As we tiptoe our way into the Spring tulips in Chicago, we have three suggestions for getting motivated to work.

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For three years we at Spark Productivity have been using Workflowy for delegating work. This one-page website and voluminous-blog powerhouse describes itself as a zoomable, powerful digital notebook that accelerates creativity and productivity while providing unprecedented flexibility in organizing your ideas. We agree.

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Catalyst Ranch Hosts Creative Meeting Carnival and Open House

Our favorite space to deliver Chicago corporate training programs is hosting an open house, and you’re invited. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing Catalyst Ranch’s wildly creative meeting (and event!) space, this is a super time to go. Bundle up with hat, scarf, and mittens. Stomp the snow off your boots. And enjoy the carnival of the north.

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We are excited to recommend three upcoming time management trainings you can attend from your office for a small time investment and for little to no money. The time management courses/seminars on how to improve your time management are detailed below.

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Chicago writer Dennis O’Toole interviewed our Sue Becker when researching his Morning News essay, My Top One Lists about his resolution to become more culturally aware.

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Then and Now

by Tom Clark

Then it was always
for now, later
for later.

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Three keys to keeping your resolutions are 1 :: get specific about what you want to do, 2 :: determine a specific routine for achieving just that, and 3 :: anticipate and plan for your weak spots.

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