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When I marched down into our basement this week to retrieve my PC for a quick maneuver, I realized I had finally and happily reached peace with my transition from a PC to a Mac.

I prefer Mac grass to PC vegetation.

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Last year I wrote about GTD Verbs–highlighting one of Getting Things Done author David Allen’s nuance lessons to carefully choose a single-step verb for tasks and multi-step ones for projects.

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With all the kids in the neighborhood back in school, the yoga teacher I adore reached my heart when she reminded me and a room full of executives of that school time ritual of heads resting on desks.

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Feeling tight neck muscles? Worried about developing a flat butt? Want to reduce stress and anxiety at work? Try stretching exercises at your desk.

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Next week is one of the most popular vacation weeks for Americans. Do you have one planned? No matter, you’re sure to see vacationing friends and family on Facebook and Instagram and to hear tales of upcoming and recently taken journeys in your workplace.

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How did I finally start meditating on a daily basis?

  • I told someone.
  • I paid someone.
  • I dared to be someone.

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Chicago columnist Christopher Borrelli consulted with our own Sue Becker when researching his Chicago Tribune article, How My Media Diet is Killing Me, about creating a less-complicated life with more time to spend with friends.

Like many of our executive coaching clients, Christopher smartly and bravely confesses his struggles with a terrific sense of humor…

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Writing Great Email Subject Lines

Save for the fixed, yet nondescript “Spark Productivity” email subject lines sadly greeting my blog subscribers, I carefully craft my email subject lines for business email using context-rich keywords to empower my recipients (& me!). I am gratefully granted the same courtesy by many a sender.

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Prism Planet

by Courtney Walsh

Turning our back on the world or going “off the grid” doesn’t free us from it.

It only tightens fear shackles further.

When we can embrace and step up to our role as Humangelic, then we have truth, freedom, love and peace at our constant disposal.

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When it comes to answering the is it better to call or email question, there are several sides to the call or email efficiency story…

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