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Work and Life Balance IconWork and Life Balance, Attained

Our clients aren’t just striving for work and life balance for themselves. They are redefining and inspiring work and life balance in others. While harmony is probably a more accurate description (with a work or life solo from time to time), folks tell us they feel more in control on a daily basis after collaborating with Spark Productivity.

I’m spending more time on my true priorities, and less time in the weeds.

When I started working with Spark Productivity, my company had just reorganized, and there was a ton of stuff going on. We were moving offices, merging different cultures, and onboarding about 800 new employees. I’m the information keeper for our organization, so this was a very stressful time for me. I was getting 200-plus emails a day, not including the junk. And I had just moved from a huge office to a 4-by-6 foot cube in a new business unit.

Not only did Spark Productivity help me organize my electronic and physical files, they worked with me to create a new system that is so tailored to my preferences that I’m still using it a year later. And they did the same for my supervisor and co-workers, even though their styles are completely different. Our approaches mesh with each other and create an exponentially more productive culture.

What was really surprising to me was how easy the system is to maintain. It’s calming. It’s simple. I’m able to spend more time on my true priorities, and less time in the weeds. I’m getting a lot more enjoyment and satisfaction out of my work.

Navistar executive

I’m giving my work my full attention.

I work as part of a team, and my biggest struggle is saying “yes” when I’m under stress. I never want to be that person who says no, even when my plate is already full.  Spark Productivity helped me understand that I can still say yes — just more slowly. That it’s OK to pause for a moment and think the request through, so that I’m giving my work my full attention. And Spark Productivity gave me the tools to do that.

Coaches with Spark Productivity really model that approach. When you work with Spark Productivity, they are present 110 percent. They brings a very clear focus to their work, and they create an environment that brings everyone to the table very constructively. They have this centering quality that enables people to focus on and work through the things that are holding them back.

Leo Burnett executive

Spark Productivity helped me think more strategically about how to organize my life.

When I started working with Spark Productivity, I was overwhelmed. I had recently started a new job, and I had three different workspaces in various locations. Spark Productivity not only helped me set up each of those spaces, they helped me organize my time, so that it was clear what I should be working on and where. And rather than dictating an approach, they helped me to figure out what had worked for me in the past, and how I could apply that thinking to the issues at hand.

The more I have worked with Spark Productivity, the more I’ve been able to do that — transfer techniques from one challenge to another. Spark Productivity helped me think more strategically about how to organize my life.

Northwestern University professor

I'm excited to get back to my office!

“Love your training sessions! I always leave feeling refreshed and motivated.” “I really enjoyed the presentation and thought it was very applicable to my career field.” “Interesting content; helpful & realistic; knowledgeable and approachable presenter!” “The manner in which it was delivered, and the examples that were provided were very useful. I was pleasantly surprised by how engaged I was, and how much I learned. I’m excited to get back to my office!”

Leo Burnett learners

Spark Productivity is a positive thorn…

Spark Productivity is a positive thorn – and that’s exactly what I needed to start practicing healthier habits at work.

Financial services executive

Now I actually have an evening most nights to enjoy.

The best thing I’ve stuck with is having an end of day ritual. Makes all the difference. Also makes me realize that if I want to leave at a decent time, I need to start that at 4:15 or so, and I’ve been doing that. Now I actually have an evening most nights to enjoy. 

I’ve also stopped replying to every email if I can avoid it, to not have that snowball effect of emails. On a Saturday before Christmas, preparing for a pitch, 40 emails flew back and forth over a certain issue. (OMG.) I refrained from jumping into the melee and it actually worked itself out without me, so I was able to keep working without getting sidetracked. Priceless.

Oh and I’ve moved workspaces two more times since you last visited, so your de-cluttering tips were invaluable.

Leo Burnett Learner One Year After Training

Spark Productivity has a unique talent for finding just the right spark that leads to more productivity.

The new name makes perfect sense because they have a unique talent for finding just the right spark that leads to more productivity. They certainly did that with me. I had experimented with all kinds of apps and systems to get more productive, but it wasn’t until I engaged Spark Productivity that I was able to create a system that worked for me and energized me enough to actually use it.

They find what is most meaningful and useful and core to her clients and then turns it into practices they can follow. As a consultant, I learned a lot from observing their impressive powers of listening, caring and customization.


You are significantly influencing my life…

Thank you so much. You are significantly influencing my life and I like it. I appreciate your continuous attention to detail and efforts…and keeping it fun.

Marketing executive 10 months into year-long engagement

What is Spark Productivity?

Spark Productivity delivers customized training solutions that help teams become more focused and joyfully productive. Check out our group and executive pages.

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