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Spark Productivity

Spark Productivity

Spark Productivity® can help you and your company achieve a clarity of focus that makes great things possible.

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Spark Defined

Spark Productivity is a productivity training company that lights the fire within. Our customized productivity training solutions will help you and your employees become more inspired, focused, and joyfully productive.

Working with teams and individuals, we develop new routines to keep business people organized and efficient. The training ROI is significant: A single group productivity training workshop can save your organization tens of thousands of dollars in lost time and wages. Factor in a reduction in stress and an upsurge in morale, and you are likely to find that your investment more than pays for itself.

Our approach

We don’t sell any one solution or gadget. As a productivity training company, we study them all, so that we can explain the concepts behind the science of organization, and help teams and individuals choose the tools that suit them best. We work with the underlying causes of disorganization, so that change is real, far-reaching and permanent.

Our productivity training company draws inspiration from the GO System, a practical, powerful and thought-provoking course on improving workplace productivity. Developed by DME Training, the GO System goes well beyond superficial thinking about organization and draws from disciplines such as psychology, physiology, sociology and neurology to inspire productivity from within.

Our programs are informed by deep thinking around some deceptively simple questions:

  • How can people get organized?
  • How can people who get organized, stay organized?
  • Why don’t disorganized people, who say they desperately want to get organized, do the simple things that will help them accomplish their goals?
  • Why don’t people do the things they say they want to do (and often strongly advise others to do)?

Why work with us?

You’ll have a productivity consultant. An expert who listens and understands how to tailor your options — and has a methodical, proven process for moving forward.

You’ll also gain the benefit of a productivity coach. A change agent who can illuminate your behaviors and help you find the solution within. Someone to point out and celebrate your progress, and support you through the challenges of change. A mentor who will elicit good behavior because you’re a person of your word.

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