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Insights on Productivity

Insights on Productivity

Time Management Strategies Book


Insights on Productivity

Ideas from industry professionals on getting more done in the workplace

The F Scale is used by meteorologists to rate tornado intensity. An F5 tornado is as bad as it gets — very devastating! There is no similar rating system for workplace intensity. However, many people are sucked into a vortex of chaos the moment they show up for work every day.

They are, in effect, experiencing F5 workdays. Interestingly, there are still people among us who are not blown around by the winds of chaos. Regardless of the external workplace conditions, these people remain remarkably focused, organized and highly productive. Good news: the ideas in this book will help you learn how they do it — so that you can implement time management strategies that are right for you.

Insights on Productivity is a collection of simple ideas and time management strategies with contributions by Chicago time management training expert and other members of the Network for Productivity Excellence.

Spark Productivity’s section, “Are You Velocitized?,” shares wisdom on how to slow down so that you are living life at a truly productive and fulfilling pace and enjoying a satisfying work and life balance.

Other topics focus on using technology, setting boundaries, avoiding procrastination and achieving greater productivity.

Enjoy your journey through this collection of time management strategies and common sense ideas shared by seasoned experts.

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