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A Productivity Trainer’s Weekly Review

A Productivity Trainer's Weekly Review

A Productivity Trainer’s Weekly Review

The following information is delivered in the less than 5-minute video above.

One of the keys to my personal time management success and that of my clients is conducting a weekly review to map out navigating the week ahead. Built on the foundation shared in David Allen’s Getting Things Done, following are the components of my Friday afternoon one-hour ritual:

  • First I clear my paper inbox
  • Then I review my calendar

    • Using the appointments for the week I just experienced as well as the upcoming week as memory joggers, I add follow up/preparation/travel logistics not yet captured
    • Looking at office time available for completing work, I size up each day of the week for potential assignments
  • Next I move to reviewing my next action lists

    • I delete things I already completed or no longer think are useful

    • I move items to someday if they’re no longer urgent or definite 

    • I look for things to delegate to others 

    • I assign dates to the things I need to complete this week 

    • I add things not already in the system 

    • I move qualified items from my waiting for list to an active list

  • Then I review a comprehensive project list

    • Using the list as a reminder, I schedule activities for active projects not yet on one of my next actions lists

  • Next I begin to judge my assignments

    • Looking at the office time available, I evaluate if I’ve added too many or not enough tasks to each day

    • I ask myself if I have delegating as much as I can, if I have scheduled realistically, and if I have allowed enough time for unplanned work

Finally, on a daily basis, I put my tasks in priority order first thing and then work from that list. What is your routine? How do you stay on top of tasks?

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