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7 Free Tools for Productive Collaboration

7 Free Tools for Productive Collaboration

7 Free Tools for Productive Collaboration


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There are many free and easy-to-use tools available to make collaboration more productive. This post touches on a few of the ones we often use. Some we have mentioned in previous blogs, and some are being shared for the first time. We hope these tools help boost your personal productivity.

  1. Google Docs – share ‘in process’ documents. Have multiple people all contributing to one document with ease.   

  2. Google Calendar – share calendars. Overlay multiple calendars to have both shared and private calendars in your single view; and, these calendars can be sent/updated instantaneously to your smart phone as well.   

  3. Wokflowy – share (unlimited!) task lists; add notes and mark items complete.   

  4. SugarSync – share attachments without taking up space in other’s email. Recipients simply follow the link and are able to download a shared attachment.   

  5. – share websites, podcasts and other internet favorites along with your annotations. Create your own stacks (groupings) and tags for items too.   

  6. – share availability with others to determine the best time to meet.

  7. = share mind maps. Have multiple people contributing at once, or on their own timing.

We know there are numerous nifty tools to make it easier to work with others in the electronic world. We hope you enjoy these tools and will share some of your favorites with us!

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