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6 Tips to Improve Productivity Using Music

6 Tips to Improve Productivity Using Music

6 Tips to Improve Productivity Using Music

Music has the ability of reaching us in a very personal way – including our productivity. A blog from Online College Courses shares 12 music tricks to boost your personal productivity. We enjoyed their post and have summarized six of their tips below.

  1. Listen before you get started. Hearing music before you work, gets you ready to go and better aware for getting down to business. (A Life Contained client paired a 5-minute piece, Variation on Sonata in A by the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble to his getting juiced routine for regaining drive. For him, this music is a signal to get focused and motivated.)
  2. Target a specific side of your brain. For left brain activities (logical and analytical), play up-tempo music in major keys. For right brain tasks (creative, experimental, subjective), play slow music in minor keys.
  3. Listen to something happy. Happy music makes happy people and happy people are more productive! (Might we recommend this mini Wilco concert as a pick me up?)
  4. Organize Your Playlist by BPM. Set your music to play the fastest tempos first by using the Beats Per Minute (BPM) display in your music player; focus on songs above 100 BPM.
  5. Base your work segments on song length. Create a playlist to a specific length, such as 20 minutes, and work hard until the music ends, then break.
  6. Sign up for Spotify. The free service, Spotify, does “away with the need for syncing and buying tracks and allowing saving of playlists”  and thus saves time.

Music is a fun, easy way to boost productivity. What role does music have in your routines?

P.S. The following tiny desk concert is a chance to experiment with allowing non-lyrical music to boost your output. Enjoy!

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