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10 Questions to Regain Your Drive…and boost personal productivity

10 Questions to Regain Your Drive...and boost personal productivity

10 Questions to Regain Your Drive…and boost personal productivity

Before I engage in time management coaching, I require new clients to take a productivity assessment to paint their big picture strengths and challenges. Inspired by a Chicago client and a fellow productivity trainer’s book, I’m going to add assessing drive.

When you have drive, you’re likely…

  • to be motivated to work
  • problem solve with vigor, and
  • get things done quickly without delay

And when you don’t have drive, you’re likely…

  • to have lots of unfinished projects
  • to feel tired throughout the day, and
  • to procrastinate (at a near-professional level)

Uncovering what motivates you so you get your mojo back may be easier than you think. To rejuvenate your drive, pick a project you seem to be avoiding and ask yourself these ten downloadable questions:

questions to get motivated

Most times you’ll not only experience more motivation and drive, but you might feel more playful about your work because of the visual thinking process these questions prescribe.

If you’re not juiced by the end of the exercise, then you should probably turn down or re-assign the project to someone who can get excited about it.

What techniques do you use to regain your drive?

P.S. Thanks to my client for generously creating and sharing his 5-minute juice mind map.  

Following is a quick video to support the information above and provide further suggestions for regaining your drive. 








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