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10 Good Habits to Adopt to Reduce Email Processing Time

10 Good Habits to Adopt to Reduce Email Processing Time

10 Good Habits to Adopt to Reduce Email Processing Time

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Email can steal a lot of time out of our day. To decrease the amount of emails you are sifting through, storing, as well as sending, we suggest implementing the following actions:


  1. Sending fewer emails.Think before you send. Consider alternate communication channels. Pretend you have to stamp every email you send.

  2. Unsubscribing, either electronically or through conversation, to emails you no longer value. 

  3. Combining short messages. Suggest folks on your team combine thanks with another email. 

  4. Using “NRN (No Reply Needed)” at the bottom of appropriate emails. 

  5. Being specific with every subject line. Use subject line codes (REQUEST/ALERT/CONFIRMED) to build context. Write requests at the beginning of emails so less follow up is required.

  6. Making a suggestion of when/where to meet to diminish back & forth. Use when identifying date for 2+ people. 

  7. Setting limits on your email time. The less time in email, the less you send, and the fewer you receive. Hip hip!

  8. Making decisions every time you touch an email: delete, delegate, do ?:02, file, defer ?:02.

  9. Transferring your deferred action to a system where you track actions: be it paper, electronic, or a mixture.

  10. Using X1 to remove emails quickly. Delete reference emails and then search via X1 if needed in future. 

Which of these tips are you most excited about? We’d love to hear which action has the greatest impact for you. And stay tuned for a future blog on 10 Bad Habits to Drop to Reduce Email Processing Time.

Learn more about these and other email tips at our upcoming class. Email Exhale will meet on Tuesday, July 17 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm in Chicago at Catalyst Ranch. Please register online through Dabble. We would love to see you there!

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