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10 Bad Habits to Drop to Reduce Email Processing Time

10 Bad Habits to Drop to Reduce Email Processing Time

10 Bad Habits to Drop to Reduce Email Processing Time

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Last week we suggested habits to START to reduce email processing time. This week we have listed 10 habits to STOP to reduce the amount of time email sneaks away from your workday.  


  1. Subscribing to newsletters and blog posts you don’t value. (Including ours!)

  2. Sending so many emails. Perhaps focus first on reducing CCs/BCs, then on replacing some emails with phone calls.

  3. Constantly awaiting new messages. If you’ve ever heard a phantom new message ding, then you know this tip is for you.  

  4. Checking/fussing with emails without adding value. There’s no need to scan emails when you don’t have time to follow through on anything.    

  5. Living in your inbox. Responding to everyone within nanoseconds of receiving their message is not as rewarding as you might think.

  6. Trying to be so darned organized that filing your reference emails equates to a strand of folders and subfolders so elaborate & long that you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to put things away…so you often don’t put anything away.

  7. Doing the same work twice. Automate repeat commands and recurring messages.

  8. Letting problems continue. Wishing your repeat offenders would send you fewer messages without adressing this concern is not going to change things. Say something!

  9. Allowing urgent and less so messages to drop into the same inbox. Why not use rules to treat them differently from the moment they reach you?

  10. Making your recipients work hard. Writing careless subject lines or leaving them blank is not going to score you points…or attract well written emails in response.

Which of these habits dropped will have the greatest impact for you?

If you like thes suggestions, please also check out out blog on 10 Good Habits to Adopt to Reduce Email Processing Time.

If you’d like to dig deeper on the topic, consider joining us at our Chicago workshop: Email Exhale Tuesday, July 17 6:30-8pm at Catalyst Ranch. Please register online through Dabble.

We would love to see you there!

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